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A clean and healthy environment is essential to attracting and retaining students, faculty, staff, and alumni. CleanCampus®, Harvard’s solution for providing effective custodial operations within the educational environment, brings value through a suite of custodial best practices in sustainability and infection control.


Schools are comprised of densely occupied spaces, making the removal of contaminants a challenge. The proper use of cleaning products, techniques, and innovative equipment can help solve the problem. The benefits are decreased absenteeism, improved productivity, and higher test scores.


Harvard’s GS-42 Certified Green Cleaning program protects health without harming the environment. It reduces dust, VOCs, bacteria, and fungi. We use only environmentally preferred products and equipment that meet LEED-EB standards.

Our experienced custodial staff is trained in the unique cleaning requirements within a campus environment, including: academic, laboratory, library, administrative, athletic, and residential.


HarvardSmart®, our web-based information and quality tracking system, includes high-touch surface monitoring, an effective tool for controlling the spread of infection. With information in hand, HarvardOptimize® identifies processes not functioning effectively, eliminating root cause. This results in peak efficiency and a much higher level of cleanliness.


Competitive Edge

Excited Staff, Facility, and Alumni

Improved Attendance and Student Performance

Measurable Results and Infection Control Strategies

Lower Environmental Impact / Footprint of the Facility

Staffing Models Based upon APPA Guidelines

Achievement of Sustainability Goals


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Our cleaning service meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-42 based on waste minimization, building-specific operational procedures, effective custodial training, and use of products with limits on human & environmental toxicity. GreenSeal.org.
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