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Our Difference

Your People

The Mark of Success



Harvard looks at a client and does not see a job, but a partnering relationship that begins each day in an effort to make the day better than the last. As members of the building’s community, our staff seek to build and contribute to the workplace’s culture and productivity.

It begins with hiring and training. Harvard only employs verified United States citizens. They are given extensive training on how to accomplish varies tasks, but also hospitality lessons and how to communicate properly. A Harvard employee is taught to use ingenuity in providing solutions that may be too complex for a quick fix. After training, each employee is matched to a client’s staff, culture and environment.

Then the defined work begins and Harvard uses various products, techniques, and ideas to make the spaces we clean optimized for the occupant and his or her wellness. Harvard strives to always be there when needed and to be part of the success of the organization and the community.

It is all in the Harvard promise to be smart in is its service delivery bringing not only quantified cleaning and customer service, but the ability to bring insight, ideas, and optimization over time. But the real Harvard Difference is in the intangible: the ability to be the best partner and the best neighbor.


People Come First

The wellness of a community’s people is reflective in every thing that they do and should be reflective of everywhere they go. Harvard understands and believes that they hold the first line item to check off in accomplishing a workspace that fosters wellness. The products, methods, and skills Harvard employs has the wellness of a space’s inhabitants as the foremost priority. How we all work together is then a part of Harvard’s model. Productivity, happiness, and comfort are objectives to continuously advance and improve upon. Even if it’s one extra smile than the day before, we check it off as an accomplishment.

Harvard validates its services like other service providers with quality assurance, work order data and dashboards where the delivery of the service is quantified and affirmed. Yet, that data can only go so far. What Harvard considers a higher check-mark of service is the end product of the everyday. It’s a new workplace, it’s a new workforce, and Harvard caters this change with an end product that may be different from one location to the next, but provides the service and the culture necessary for an end product that is living and working in a great day and the feeling of looking forward to the next.

98% of Harvard Clients Renew Contracts


We are an industry leader in leveraging technology to improve quality, efficiency, and productivity. We are also a leading member of the Building Services Contractor Association International (BSCAI). Harvard actively participates in industry specific organizations such as BOMA, WFBSC, IFMA, U.S. Safety Council, and the U.S. Green Building Council. We use technology and networking to stay current with trends, opportunities, and challenges in the industry; identifying new methods for improving operational efficiencies.


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Our cleaning service meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-42 based on waste minimization, building-specific operational procedures, effective custodial training, and use of products with limits on human & environmental toxicity.
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