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Harvard holds “People First” as its primary core principle. Every decision and action is made with the consideration of how it benefits and affects Harvard’s staff, it’s clients, and everyone who is touched by its services. Respect for all and diversity is promoted every day and is considered crucial for success. The following are the key tenets of The Mark of Success:


The first step in The Mark of Success is in hiring the right people for the job. What defines “right” will vary by the job, the client, the character of the applicant and the location. Harvard is one of few in the industry that utilizes E-Verify to ensure all legal and ethical standards are met. It ensures U.S citizenship and establishes truth and honesty. Many employees are with Harvard for decades because it is this ethos that fills every day. Harvard’s people are in themselves a Mark of Success and it is matching their personality, ability and experience to the client, the client’s needs and to the location that defines Harvard as the industry leader. 


After the right people are hired, the next pillar of Harvard’s People First core principle is to train each employee and equip them with the tools needed to be successful. It is not just cleaning techniques and equipment directions, but hospitality training for each employee is a member of a client location’s community. Each Harvard employee must be a match with the site’s culture, servicing the other community members in a fashion that is courteous and genuine. 


Each client and client location is distinct and different, but there is an underlining cultural foundation that is consistent for all of Harvard. Each Harvard employee is a Mark of Success and is achieve so by teamwork, determination, accountability, sustainability, and above all, safety.  

Social Responsibility

The wellness of Harvard employees and the members of the community they service is paramount to every decision made each and every day. It is by taking care of each member and by promoting a climate positive world through sustainable processes that Harvard takes ownership to its responsibility to every employee, client, and society as a whole. 



Harvard employees don’t say an area, a workplace or space is clean, they say it’s Harvard Clean if it meets the requirements set by Harvard. Teams focus on procedures, technology, innovation, products, and debates to ensure every Harvard cleaner is equipped with the best resources to find their Mark of Success.  


One of the most important phases of Harvard’s relationship with its clients is when service fully begins. It is then th  Harvard uses its time-tested plan called Harvard Blueprint that employs standard and tailored solutions. 


The health and welfare of Harvard employees and the people they serve is of the primary concern in regards to every decision and action. If there is any doubt that a location, tool or practice is unsafe, Harvard employees are instructed to raise the issue with their supervisors. If a client demands something be done without safety in mind, Harvard will end their partnership. Harvard’s people both internally and externally will always be safe. 

Sustainability & Wellness 

After safety, Harvard expects everyone in its ecosystem to not just live but to prosper. Health and continuous improvement through education, sustainability and wellness practices and products, with innovation is part of every department at Harvard and instilled in every employee. 



Performing good job can be different than merely saying it. Harvard relies on data before a job has even been started to ensure the best solution is being done, it is visible, and it can build upon. There are Harvard dashboards, but the real metrics are the metrics that can be presented as proof of a good job being done, but also as a summary of what can improved upon. 


Consistency of outcomes is a goal Harvard strives for. A snowball does not become an avalanche if it is stopped on its first roll. Harvard Visible Harmony


Metrics and data are beneficial only if insights and lessons can be learned.  Too many times do we hear numbers and statistics but no next steps on how to improve and not make the same mistakes again. Harvard adopts an ecosystem of growth for its employees, clients and for the end-to-end, day-to-day user. This ecosystem promotes analysis and teamwork between everyone involved so that conclusions and optimization can be reached.


Harvard’s employees both in the field and who support clients aim to be part of the wholistic experience. The spaces themselves, the people who interact with the spaces are all part of the day’s experience. When everyone involved is prospering in not just business but in life itself, does Harvard look at the day’s work as work well done. 

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