Sustainable Supply Chain

Harvard incorporates a sustainable supply chain and appropriate procurement policy of select products, tools and equipment tailored for each client site.

Harvard has fostered a sustainable procurement system that is comprised of nationally selected vendors and locally recognized distributors. Other attributes include an environmentally preferred standardized purchasing policy that includes “Just in Time” inventory control to help reduce shipping frequencies and storage space.

The proximity of the distributors in relation to Harvard operations and client facilities help reduce our carbon emissions and overall corporate carbon footprint; reported annually via the Carbon Disclosure Project.



Background & Experience

  • Director of Sustainability & Process Optimization
  • Oversees third party certification compliance
  • Will assist to LEED Platinum certification
  • Led 300 Project Teams to achieve 3rd party certifications
  • Leading industry speaker & subject matter expert

Education & Certifications

  • LEED AP w/specialty designation in O&M since 2008
  • C.I.M.S. Expert
  • Certified via Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
  • U.S. Green Building Council – Advocacy Council (USGBC)
  • U.S. Zero Waste Business Council – Founding Member
  • High Performance Building Congressional Coalition Legislation
  • Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council – Member
  • IFMA Sustainability Advisory Council

I am proud to work for a sustainable organization who prioritizes a healthy and safe environment for all employees. At Harvard we live our core values every day by helping to improve the quality of life for everyone who works in the facilities we service.

Jason Lee

Director of Sustainability, Harvard

Ecosuite is the industry’s most complete suite of sustainable solutions to be utilized in maintaining the built environment. The program contributed to Harvard’s achievement of third party certifications to include: CIMS-GB with Honors, Green Seal GS-42, GreenGuard for Indoor Air Quality, and HHPC Day (the industry’s leading day cleaning certification).

The program can be utilized as a standalone turn-key solution, or as a supplement to your existing sustainability initiatives, by implementing any of the program’s individual elements. Ecosuite’s modules provide value to every function within your organization, resulting in environmental, social, and economic return on investment.


✔ Day cleaning programs align well with Harvard’s culture and systems (economically feasible, socially and environmental responsible).

✔ Average energy savings of at least 8% (Energy Star, LEED and BOMA 360 enhancement).

✔ Benefits include energy conservation, environmental footprint reduction, work life balance for custodial staff, increased building security, reduced complaints, increased tenant satisfaction, and same shift supervision during normal business hours.

✔ Keys to success include occupant relations and communication, cross training of custodial staff, and implementation of the latest sustainable green cleaning methodology.

✔ Concierge approach with vested on-site custodial provider.

How Harvard & Bloomberg Partnered

To ensure that every Harvard employee who worked on Bloomberg’s sites understood and could communicate how their work was sustainable and for a climate positive future, Harvard produced these cards to stay with each work cart.

Certified Partner

Our independent certifications show that we go beyond using “Green Cleaning” certified products; we use certified Sustainable Processes throughout our company.

Harvard is one of the few building service contractors to carry both the Green Seal GS-42 & ISSA-CIMS Certified GB with Honors certifications.

The Clean Industry Management Standard (CIMS) was established by experts selected by the ISSA, Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association in collaboration with the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences (AICS). CIMS, often referred to as the Standard, was established to asses an organization’s management systems and the processes used to deliver service to clients. Learn more at www.issa.com/cims

HHPC Day is the industry’s only Day Cleaning certification program. It ensures that building service contractors have the background, operational knowledge, and tools to ensure a systematic and smooth transition to Day Cleaning. The program was developed by Diversey, Inc.

Green Seal developed the life cycle-based sustainability standards for products, services and companies. Certification criteria include planning, products, supplies, equipment, procedures, training, documentation, and communications. Learn more at www.greenseal.org

GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification Program assures that products designed for use in office environments and other indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits.

Our cleaning service meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-42 based on waste minimization, building-specific operational procedures, effective custodial training, and use of products with limits on human & environmental toxicity. GreenSeal.org.
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