Harvard Maintenance is one of the largest and fastest growing privately owned providers of high quality managed services in the United States. Our success over the last fifty years stems from Harvard’s Inverted Pyramid®, which puts our employees first so they in-turn deliver Service Excellence to our clients. While the majority of our industry cleans for appearance alone, we Clean for Wellness, focusing on health and safety, sustainability, and asset preservation of our client’s facilities.

We are committed to delivering the industry’s most complete End to End Service Solution. From the time you invite us to bid on your facility through the renewal process at contract’s end, Harvard will provide you with the most complete set of high quality solutions that help you meet your business objectives. Our solutions drive efficiency and high quality while containing costs.

Harvard is one of the most extensively certified companies in the industry. We have been awarded Green Seal GS-42, CIMS GB with Honors, GREENGUARD, and HHPC Day certification. We do not believe cleaning is a commodity. We view cleaning as a valuable part of delivering highly productive, safe, and healthy facilities for the people who occupy them. By having third parties certify our business practices and operational efficacy, you are assured that the promises we make about the service we provide is accurate and executed in your facility.


Redefining Service In The Industry

At Harvard, Service Excellence is a guiding light for our employees, sets an expectation for our clients, and defines our business purpose. Our definition of delivering Service Excellence is by being the most transparent, metric-based service provider in the industry and by exceeding our clients’ expectations by consistently surpassing mutually agreed upon key performance indicators (KPI’s).


Putting Employees First

We put our employees first so they in-turn put our clients first. Every employee is valued, given the resources to succeed, and empowered to provide high quality service. Empowering employees allows us to keep our organizational structure flat, improving our response time, and keeping decision making closet to our clients. When our employees make decisions and solve problems we deliver exceptional client service. 


Continually Improving Service

Utilizing robust data collected from our quality assurance tools, we continuously improve our processes to ensure that we deliver high quality service over a long period of time. Once our data is collected, we produce Service Intelligence™ dashboards that are shared with our operational teams. They evaluate the data, look for deficiencies and areas of improvement, and then adjust the service being provided to ensure continuous improvement and client satisfaction.


Staying At The Forefront

We are an industry leader in leveraging technology to improve quality, efficiency, and productivity. We are also a leading member of the Building Services Contractor Association International (BSCAI). Harvard actively participates in industry specific organizations such as BOMA, WFBSC, IFMA, U.S. Safety Council, and the U.S. Green Building Council. We use technology and networking to stay current with trends, opportunities, and challenges in the industry; identifying new methods for improving operational efficiencies.

One of the Most Certified Contractors in the Industry

This cleaning service meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-42 based on waste minimization, building-specific operational procedures, effective custodial training, and use of products with limits on human & environmental toxicity. GreenSeal.org.
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