Harvard Care

Restoration, Cleaning, & Maintenance

Our HarvardCare© program, available in select markets, provides specialized care, maintenance, and restoration of ornamental and architectural metal, stone, and wood for clients requiring quality interior and exterior services. Metal and wood care is essential to maintaining a clean and cared-for appearance. These surfaces can easily show scratches, damage, or a tarnished appearance which diminishes the surface’s architectural beauty.

When it comes to your stonework, we understand the unique quality of each stone and how best to properly care for and preserve their finishes without damage. Let our experts at HarvardCare® design a care package that will protect and extend the life of your investment. For your interior and exterior metal, stone, and wood care needs, you can trust Harvard.

Producing Healthy Environments

As employers think about employee wellness (more exercise, stress reduction, quitting smoking) they should also think about the cleanliness of their indoor environment. This is due to the fact that commercial buildings are tighter, house more people, and are cleaned less frequently than in the past.

Many customers employ cleaning service providers to achieve only an acceptable level of appearance.

We focus on where germs live and thrive: high touch points, places where people congregate often, and areas of multi-use. Our customized cleaning protocols address these high-risk areas utilizing cutting-edge quality assurance programs and surface monitoring tools.

Our quality of cleaning isn’t only a reflection of the process we employ, but also of the tools we use to complete a task. We utilize the highest quality cleaning products, tools, and equipment to aid in the removal of building contaminants. Our proven systems are so complete they have earned GREENGUARD certification for their ability to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

How can we help you?

As a leading professional cleaning company for commercial and industrial customers, Harvard Maintenance serves markets in the lower 48 states. While the majority of other property cleaning services clean for appearance alone, Harvard Maintenance focuses on health and safety, sustainability, and asset preservation of our clients’ facilities. Contact us today for more information.

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