Harvard Safety Check™

Integrated Solutions

Working safely is at the forefront of everything we do. Whether it is the safety of our employees, the people occupying your facility, the visiting public, or the community at large, our focus on safety is part of our corporate DNA. Success is never achieved if a person is hurt, or an environment is not secure, while we are executing our work. As an experienced building services provider, we are vigilant in ensuring that our personnel works in a manner that is safe. Our highly experienced EHS team ensures our employees are educated and trained to deliver our services within your environment.

Training Modules

  • Hazardous Chemicals & Other Materials
  • Tripping or Slipping Hazards
  • Physical Hazards (Fire, etc.)
  • Wiring & Lighting Hazards
  • Rodent & Insect Control
  • Vehicle & Machine / Equipment Operation

Safe People, Safe Environments

  • Power & Hand Tool Check
  • First Aid
  • Physical Security
  • Asset Security
  • Material Storage
  • Other

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As a leading professional cleaning company for commercial and industrial customers, Harvard Maintenance serves markets in the lower 48 states. While the majority of other property cleaning services clean for appearance alone, Harvard Maintenance focuses on health and safety, sustainability, and asset preservation of our clients’ facilities. Contact us today for more information.

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