A Unique Environment

Cleaning within healthcare and medical environments is uniquely different from commercial cleaning, and requires a much higher level of cleanliness. Our customized approach offers a sustainable solution, validates cleanliness, and meets Joint Commission requirements.

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Infection Control

An infection control best practice involves cleaning beyond appearance, and incorporates cleaning for health and hygiene practices in order to control the spread of infection. Harvard ensures the selection of the appropriate cleaners and disinfectants for the right applications. Harvard uses EPA-registered products/chemicals that have disinfectant and/or germicidal characteristics designed to kill specific micro-organisms, depending upon the environment.


  • Lowers the risk of infection to patients and medical staff
  • Lowers the risk of occupational health and safety incidents for medical staff, patients, and the public
  • Lowers the risk of poor return on your service provider investment
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Brand Protection
  • Infection Control
  • Best Practices
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Safety and Regulations

Equally as important to the quality of our service is performing cleaning tasks safely. To that end, Harvard has developed a service model approach that mitigates risk, and is in full compliance with OSHA standards specific to healthcare workers.

Measurement of Cleanliness

What’s transparent to the naked eye, is visible under UVA LED, so nothing escapes our inspectors. HarvardSmart®, our web-based information, and quality assurance system, captures the results from our high-touch surface monitoring testing. Using historical inspection results, reports are generated and shared depending upon the environment.