Integrated Solutions

HarvardOptimize, our performance optimization solution, utilizes the data collected from our quality assurance program, lessons learned, and client feedback to get a 360 degree view of our performance. With accurate and robust information in hand, we develop a smart and sustainable plan for continuous improvement—therefore eliminating the root cause.

Improving Performance Outcomes

Identifying potential service deficiencies before they occur is key to being a highly trusted maintenance provider. Our sophisticated systems guide us through an evaluation and reconciliation process. ensuring quality remains at an extremely high level. Our performance improvement process is based on lessons learned from the ISO 9001:2008 certification that we have earned in our Chicago operations.

This program allows Harvard to be at peak operational readiness.

We can engage with customers proactively, create effective situational awareness, and share information efficiently and completely, resulting in a continuous cycle of service improvement.

The implementation and adoption of these standards, and our continuous improvement processes, demonstrate how our dynamic and innovative organization is striving to consistently deliver high-quality services, gain efficiencies, and provide the overall best value to clients.

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As a leading professional cleaning company for commercial and industrial customers, Harvard Maintenance serves markets in the lower 48 states. While the majority of other property cleaning services clean for appearance alone, Harvard Maintenance focuses on health and safety, sustainability, and asset preservation of our clients’ facilities. Contact us today for more information.

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