Client Engagement delivers Clients Value

Harvard is focusing heavily on ensuring we deliver a high level of Client Engagement with the clients we service. Our goal is to lead the industry in the way we serve clients in every phase of our client interface. The first step in establishing that leadership position was to promote one of our most talented executives, Dave Domilja, into the position of Executive Vice President – Client Service Engagement.

What is Client Engagement? It’s the touch points that Harvard has with our clients where we have the opportunity to delight or disappoint. In order for Harvard to deliver a high level of Client Engagement, every interaction we have with our clients must be exceptional. Some of those key touch points include the way we transition to our service, the way we execute our service, ensuring our billing is correct, monitoring the quality we produce, and in the way we communicate openly.

Harvard’s Client Engagement goal is to be the best partner possible. To create meaningful relationships with our clients that deliver mutual long-term success. It’s to always be available, present and resourceful today, while actively looking for ways to improve and to become better overtime. If you’re looking to engage with your service provider at a more meaningful level, you are likely looking for Harvard!