How does Harvard look at customer engagement and their overall experience?


Harvard’s customer experience is how a customer feels about Harvard; it is all of the touch points that a customer has with Harvard combined together. How they feel before becoming a customer, how they interact with Harvard’s service, and then how a customer feels during and after they interact is the customer experience. It’s about the moment in time, the anticipation of the moment, and the memory of the moment.

Customer experience is the perception of all the customer’s interactions with Harvard – from the customer’s perspective. While not always easy, customer experience should be measured against the customer expectations across all points of interaction. In order for Harvard’s customer experience to be great, every interaction at every customer touch point must be exceptional. Harvard’s whole organization must work together to deliver a great customer experience and that’s where customer engagement comes in.

While customer experience is the emotional connection and perception a customer has with Harvard, customer engagement on the other hand refers to all of the touch points between the company and customer – as well as the actions that the customer might take elsewhere like posting, following, referring, etc. 

Harvard’s customer engagement tenet is to be the best partner possible. It is to always be available, present in the moment, and active to improve and to become more efficient over time. It is the balance of always being there, engaged, but out of the way for productivity to thrive that defines Harvard.


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