Harvard has been engaged with this technology logistics company for over 10years, providing support at both their headquarters and distribution locations.




As the client’s business began to grow Harvard was tasked with increasing our scope to incorporate the management of waste in the warehouse. This included managing bailers, adding shift coverage and maintaining continuity amongst the staff to accommodate positions that required additional skill sets. It was our goal to deliver an expanded scope to the client despite the services being requested being outside of our current service offerings.


As a national company, Harvard was able to leverage expertise from other locations to develop an expanded scope of work. With a newly developed staffing and support matrix, Harvard successfully delivered the additional waste management services requested. In order to maintain employee engagement from our existing staff, we offered current staff opportunities to fill any new positions and shifts they desired. We attracted high quality employees by increasing wages for all positions, new and legacy. All employees participated in new training programs so they could safely, confidently, and efficiently execute the new scope of work. Additional supervision was on site for the first two weeks to identify gaps in scope, retrain staff as needed, and provide technical support. Harvard and the client worked closely to validate effectiveness of service delivery and refined processes as needed.


With an expanded scope and a 45 day ramp up period, Harvard was able to deliver service excellence and a new service offering to our long term client. The client was able to focus on their core business and has continued to lean on Harvard for additional projects and temporary labor during busy times. We expanded our partnership to include the client’s new regional office in the North Suburbs of Chicago. Our longstanding partnership is built on trust, excellent service delivery, and increased value to the client.