An initial one year contract grew in a long standing partnership, lasting nearly 25 years. With consistent, superior results and client satisfaction Harvard was tasked with expanding services beyond standard custodial services.


When we started our contract with in 1999 , we provided a limited number of custodial services. Based on our hard work and dedication to outstanding results, as the college facilities grew, so did our services. As a trusted provider, we were asked to help facilitate an expanded suite of services that included mailroom support, utility workers and later, expanded to provide campus security and public safety services.


Our responsiveness to every campus situation is key to the health and well being of students and facility. However, some situations require the most immediate attention, such as the threat of a norovirus outbreak on campus. Our immediate, proactive response aided containment of the virus and prevented a campus wide epidemic. Our custodial staff implemented a plan the ensured that all common areas were cleaned on a frequent basis to maintain a sanitary condition. Our plan helped contain the outbreak and prevent further spreading.



BACKGROUND The client was looking for a long term custodial partner with an expanded scope of services


Emmanuel College wanted to implement the most sustainable solutions while maintaining optimum cleanliness. We introduced a Green Cleaning program that achieved outstanding results. We eliminated toxic and harmful chemicals and processes, while maintaining the highest standard of clean. This proved successful not only for the facilities, but for the staff as well, as they look to the future of the environment.


There’s no place where standards are more important than in higher education By requiring standardized training and certification for all team members, CleanCampus ™delivered consistent results and ensured that all staff were qualified for the tasks they were assigned