In a post-pandemic world, many companies are moving toward office hoteling to allow employees flexibility while maintaining the advantages of a collaborative workplace. The increase in flexibility your office is experiencing also increases germs in your building and on surfaces.

Did you know that an office desk has more than 10 million bacteria particles? That’s 400 times dirtier than the average toilet seat. It only takes 18 viral particles to make another person sick.

As a property manager, how can you ensure the health and safety of your employees when utilizing shared spaces?

Implement office hoteling software to allow you insight into who is utilizing each workspace. This allows you to know what areas need special attention in the event of a reported illness

  • Maintain a regular day cleaning schedule
  • Plan for regular, heighted cleaning measures, nightly to provide a deeper level of clean for shared spaces
  • Provide shared spaces with disinfecting wipes for employees to use between uses