Manufacturing and Industrial facilities depend on the efficiency of operations to maintain productivity. With regulatory standards at an all-time high and production schedules at the forefront, cleanliness is paramount to keep your facility running safely and productively. At Harvard, we’re focused on helping your facility optimize performance and maximize budgets through a healthy and safe production environment. Our operational expertise is rooted in proven processes that focus on:

Safety Compliance

Equally as important to service quality is performing cleaning tasks safely. To that end, Harvard has developed a service model approach that mitigates risk and is in full compliance with OSHA standards. Training team members on site specific operations and requirements is critical to safety compliance. Trainings and safety checks include PPE requirements/audits, OSHA compliance, identifying and reporting of any safety related issues, immediately reporting of safety incidents/near misses & safety hazards, routine documented safety audits, job hazard assessments, & good catch initiatives.

In a manufacturing facility with many moving parts, including heavy machinery, it is critical that employees always be mindful of their surroundings and safety awareness. With continuous operations accompanied by moving equipment and people, it’s vital that employees always be mindful of their surroundings and safety awareness.

Employee Training

Industrial cleaning encompasses heavier cleaning tasks in more complex and dynamic environments with moving people and equipment. Staff must be trained and prepared to deep clean spaces that are unique to the specific requirements of the facility they are working in, at times using unique cleaning methods.

Harvard places a strong emphasis on training staff on how to identify safety hazards and follow proper safety protocols with established cleaning techniques. As one of the only commercial janitorial companies that requires PPE to be worn by all employees, our teams are prided on compliance with all facility rules and regulations, including the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Additional trainings, according to facility conditions, are facilitated by our certified safety professionals, including training on aerial lifts, forklifts, confine space, respiratory equipment, etc.


Predictability in a manufacturing environment is a key factor for achieving operational excellence, reducing uncertainties, and enhancing your overall competitiveness in the market. Predictability from your vendors is equally important to maintain overall operational efficiency.

You can count on Harvard leadership for routine and effective communication between our local account management with facility management. Quality of service and attention to detail, backed by deeply engrained safety practices, is our commitment to each facility, ensuring attention to detail without interrupting production.

With each facility having unique requirements, our teams are flexible with schedules to clean quickly and efficiently around production and address specialized cleaning needs.

Teams are trained to use specialized equipment to properly clean specific areas and arm with tools and technology to validate service agreements and scope compliance, track/report periodic services, quality/inspections (self-performed & joint), monthly KPI reporting and work order tracking.

Cost Saving & Cost Avoidance Initiatives

Predictability from your janitorial partner contributes to cost savings by minimizing the need for emergency measures and reducing overall risk. When the manufacturing environment is predictable, there is less likelihood of unexpected disruptions that can drastically affect costs and production schedules.

By adjusting your scope of work and employee schedules based on VIP visits, holiday schedules, population, building shutdowns, Harvard is able to maximize labor to increase efficiencies that results in cost savings.

Let’s partner together to increase productivity and reduce risks with a cleaner, safety focused facility.